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Where it all begins… in a moment!


Reverberating Day 3

Prompt: Moment!

Pick one moment during which you felt most alive this year. Describe it in vivid detail (texture, smells, voices, noises, colors). (Author: Ali Edwards)

One morning in March of this year I sat on my mat, placed delicately on a beautiful mahogany wood floor in Ojai, California.  I was at a “Manifestation” retreat lead by a beautiful soul Jennifer Pastiloff.  The air outdoors was cool. The windows of the  yoga studio were perfectly placed to reflect sun-rays across the floor.  The room smelled of lavendar from savasana “love” offered the night before.   The room was filled with morning meditator’s, some were experiencing their first quiet sit and others familiar with this practice. 

We were each guided to introduce ourselves followed by what we wanted to manifest in our life, in that moment,  “be specific” was suggested.  We went around the room, respectfully listening to each others very personal manifestations,  eyes were closed, some filled with tears I’m sure, as I know mine were. 

The next suggestion sealed the entire moment for me.  Suggestion: As you sit, try to “focus out”, give your stuff to the universe and leave it there, follow by sending love and support to everyone surrounding you in the room.  Moments of quietly sitting, surrounded by each others powerful nurturing energy.

The meditation:

Let go of wanting – release!

Receive what I need in my heart.

Allow freedom of feelings and thoughts.

Express appreciation, gratitude & emotion.

We were each offered a beautiful reverberation.  Jennifer placed a singing bowl on our “yoga” hearts and sounded the bell.  The vibration was fantastic!

My eyes opened and I was alive! Everything new… and so my *transformation* took life!

What moment rings through for you?

Is there a defining moment where you felt alive, changed or simply content?



YogaSkaterMediaMavenDivaFashionista – #1: Stuff to take ACTION on


While we’re at it…let’s just put a title on everything!  NOT REALLY!

Just in case you’ve just woken up dizzy from a drug induced sleep… it’s 2010!  Yes, wake up, shake off the cob webs and set your intentions, resolutions…. GOALS.  If you haven’t, what’s wrong with you?  If you have, you should probably read those again… just sayin’.  Don’t you feel like this is the time of judgement from all sides?  I do! … and I’m not putting up with it this time!!!

If you’re on my page, you’re probably sick of all the publicity, rules, guidelines or guilt surrounding the beginning of a new year.  Just in case you didn’t notice…. my new year’s resolutions haven’t been published yet.  I’ve read plenty, really great ones too!  Some I could have written for myself. 

This morning I actually had a conversation with myself, which wasn’t very attractive by the way, to get motivated about my “STUFF” for 2010.  Well, ladies and gentlemen…. my new motto for this new decade is…. F*ck titles, categories & guilt! It’s all about action, my action!

Here’s my “STUFF”…. there are no rules around these items, but I realized they are the most important to me and probably will always be:

Clarity…. can only come from truly saying what you feel, meaning what you say and deciding to take action!

Security…. money isn’t everything but it does pay the bills.  Security comes from doing what you love, puting your heart and soul into it and living the life you’ve manifested by your actions!  That’s how the bills get paid.

Love…. is ever-present when your heart is open.  You will give love everyday simply through acts of kindness! You will receive love daily when you realize you deserve it!

Moment…. each one should be cherished, no matter how wonderful, amazing, or sucky it may seem.  When you actively listen, see, taste and/or feel what is happening around you, your heart will  be filled with many gifts!  Receive them all.

My “STUFF” all requires ACTION…  Today, instead of sitting down wondering how this was all going to happen.  I decided to sit down and breathe for a minute.  I took each subject in my brain, an overwhelming task, and simply decided… This cannot be given to me, I must take the steps in order to receive the benefits of what’s important to ME. 

Here’s MY (aka: YogaSkaterMediaMavenDivaFashionista) list of actions….

– Meditate at least 5 days a week (I need spirituality to stay sane) – Clarity & Love

– Practice MY yoga everyday (for the non-yoga reader, “MY yoga” isn’t always on a mat…it’s how I will  live) – Clarity & Moment

– Teach yoga to cancer patients and make it my livelihood – Security & Love

– Learn to ride a skateboard at least 20 miles – Moment & Love

– Speak from my heart ALL THE TIME – Love

– Put my heart into my “current” Media Maven livelihood – (find the passion in junk mail…it’s paying the bills for the stuff I love) – Security

– Taking my inner fashionista to consignment or discount stores instead of dropping loads on “trendy” topics… (exception: Jeans & Shoes) – Security

You may all think I’m crazy!  It’s okay….I already know I am!  Simply stated and realized…. The things I WANT (as posted in my earlier blog) will be valued more while I’m taking ACTION on my STUFF! 

Don’t judge me, these are mine….remember, no rules!!! 

Feel free to share your stuff…. I am a good listener/reader.

My New Year “Wants” …. Out Loud!


#1 – Because I haven’t said it enough… LOVE! 

Yes, my relationship phobic friends….I want one.  I’ve seen the worst and the best and have come to realize I’m not interested in being “alone”.  To cherish time with children or an amazing companion is what most people surrounding me are blessed with.  I’ve heard the complaining…. so shut up and listen.  Life is too short to hold the love you have to offer in the box placed strategically on the top shelf of the closet.  A friend recently shared an insight that I absolutely love… “Men are to be enjoyed, not controlled.” 

What I want:

This year I want to open my heart and forget about fear so I can allow expressions of love and adoration to flow freely. My feelings expressor has been blocked, protected, whatever you want to call it for far too long.

I’m ready for a lasting love, a partner to share my life and heart with… it will not happen if box of feelings stays on the top shelf!

How it could happen:

Always share simple thoughts as soon as they come to mind about a special someone. If speaking isn’t an option at that moment, write it down.  SAY IT!!!

My commitment:

Trust my heart and push aside feelings of fear. Life is too short!

#2 – Enlighten my entrepreneurial spirit

Now that I’ve set my sights on the goal of becoming “self-employed” (shhh!  Not just yet), it’s time to put some action behind the ideas… Skateboarding, yoga for cancer, non-profit events, they can all fit…. but how?  It can’t be that difficult!

What I want:

I want to find the simplicity in solid business partnerships and management of my own venture, teaching yoga to cancer patients, to establish a livelihood that will financially sustain my existence without daily worry. 

How I think this all might come together:

Write a business plan that makes sense for all pieces. Outline expectations with business partners, because communication is a dual responsibility in any successful business venture!  Discuss the important things and decide what stays and what goes…even if that means me. 

My Commitment:

Trust my convictions and always remember the passion I feel today.  I promise not to take things too seriously otherwise I’ll drive myself CRAZY!  When I make a decision I will stand behind it 100%, unless someone provides a simpler option. 

 #3 – Cherish each moment no matter what!

This may sound a bit funny to most people… but…  This past year I learned something about myself,  I hadn’t been paying attention to what was happening right in front of me.  My mind has a tendency to get caught in the next thing on the schedule…where am I flying next week, what meetings do I have, who’s coming to town…. Yuck!  Or at least I realize now how much I’ve missed because I was just clearly not paying attention. 

What I want:

Enjoyment and pleasure in facing each moment with ease and comfort and not even thinking of what’s next on the agenda.  Even though this one is listed #3, it’s my favorite J  just because it already has brought me so much happiness!

How this works:

Don’t sweat the small stuff…literally!  Keep in mind the reasons why I made the choice to be present and add this little task, meeting, occasion, chat…whatever it is to my day.  Allow for the unexpected and remember to allow the heart to be present.

My commitment:

To take a minute while cherishing the good stuff to recognize what it is that makes this time special, or not in some cases, and express my thoughts.  Share the joy!  What makes me happy may just give someone else an opportunity to smile. 

There you have it Universe!  I’m sure there are plenty more #’s to add to this list, which I may keep adding as the year goes by, we’ll see!  The truth is I was inspired by Havi Brooks, a wonderfully smart lady, who expressed her honesty to say what you want…  I hope sharing my “wants” will inspire others to feel empowered too.

Flight patterns of a frequent flyer…


Delayed flights, airport security, rude flight attendants, the blur of a city flashing before my eyes….  leave me wondering why I haven’t made a mad dash toward the emergency exit doors and actually followed the instructions to take a leap! 

Hello! My name is Geanette and I am a “frequent flyer”!

I am the person who runs for the door when that “thing”… the first tickle of fear, flutter of the heart, confrontation, mis-understanding or challenge presents itself.  You name it… I’m a flyer!  Most people would call this a “psychological issue” … Not me!  Nope… I’m in love with my frequent flyer miles… I’ve been all over this country to take flight from dealing with that “thing”. 

Hmmm… I realized this quality of mine recently and am not so sure it’s okay anymore!  Change is happening… and I’m still here.  While reading about equanimity I came upon this insight “Equanimity…is based on the understanding that the conflict and frustration we feel when we can’t control the world doesn’t come from our inability to do so but rather from the fact that we are trying to control the uncontrollable.”  In comparison, the “flight” response is a trigger to go into survival mode. “Our heart is not open.  Our rational mind is disengaged.  Our consciousness is focused on fear, not on love… We lose our ability to relax and enjoy the moment.  We live from crisis to crisis, with no relief in sight.  Burnout is inevitable.  This burnout is what usually provides the motivation to change our lives for the better.”

Hello! My name is Geanette and I am a “frequent flyer”.  Recovering and learning to enjoy each moment without “flying”, allow change and release control. 

As Sharon Salzberg kindly shares… “To see things as they are, to see the changing nature, to see the impermanence, to see that constant flow of pleasant and painful events outside our control — that is freedom.”  I am feeling more freedom each day, however, I will ask forgiveness in advance and apologize again and again as I learn to share my feelings without erupting loudly in the middle of restaurants, confronting fears without tact and interrupting a kind listener because I just reached some epiphany. 

Hello! My name is Geanette and I am a “frequent flyer” who is finding the balance , wisdom and understanding of what it means to have my feet on the ground.


by David Whyte

That day I saw beneath dark clouds

the passing light over the water

and I heard the voice of the world speak out,

I knew then, as I had before

life is no passing memory of what has been

nor the remaining pages in a great book

waiting to be read.

It is the opening of eyes long closed.

It is the vision of far off things

seen for the silence they hold.

It is the heart after years

of secret conversing

speaking out loud in the clear air.

It is Moses in the desert

fallen to his knees before the lit bush.

It is the man throwing away his shoes

as if to enter heaven

and finding himself astonished,

opened at last,

fallen in love with solid ground.