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Where it all begins… in a moment!


Reverberating Day 3

Prompt: Moment!

Pick one moment during which you felt most alive this year. Describe it in vivid detail (texture, smells, voices, noises, colors). (Author: Ali Edwards)

One morning in March of this year I sat on my mat, placed delicately on a beautiful mahogany wood floor in Ojai, California.  I was at a “Manifestation” retreat lead by a beautiful soul Jennifer Pastiloff.  The air outdoors was cool. The windows of the  yoga studio were perfectly placed to reflect sun-rays across the floor.  The room smelled of lavendar from savasana “love” offered the night before.   The room was filled with morning meditator’s, some were experiencing their first quiet sit and others familiar with this practice. 

We were each guided to introduce ourselves followed by what we wanted to manifest in our life, in that moment,  “be specific” was suggested.  We went around the room, respectfully listening to each others very personal manifestations,  eyes were closed, some filled with tears I’m sure, as I know mine were. 

The next suggestion sealed the entire moment for me.  Suggestion: As you sit, try to “focus out”, give your stuff to the universe and leave it there, follow by sending love and support to everyone surrounding you in the room.  Moments of quietly sitting, surrounded by each others powerful nurturing energy.

The meditation:

Let go of wanting – release!

Receive what I need in my heart.

Allow freedom of feelings and thoughts.

Express appreciation, gratitude & emotion.

We were each offered a beautiful reverberation.  Jennifer placed a singing bowl on our “yoga” hearts and sounded the bell.  The vibration was fantastic!

My eyes opened and I was alive! Everything new… and so my *transformation* took life!

What moment rings through for you?

Is there a defining moment where you felt alive, changed or simply content?



YogaSkaterMediaMavenDivaFashionista – #1: Stuff to take ACTION on


While we’re at it…let’s just put a title on everything!  NOT REALLY!

Just in case you’ve just woken up dizzy from a drug induced sleep… it’s 2010!  Yes, wake up, shake off the cob webs and set your intentions, resolutions…. GOALS.  If you haven’t, what’s wrong with you?  If you have, you should probably read those again… just sayin’.  Don’t you feel like this is the time of judgement from all sides?  I do! … and I’m not putting up with it this time!!!

If you’re on my page, you’re probably sick of all the publicity, rules, guidelines or guilt surrounding the beginning of a new year.  Just in case you didn’t notice…. my new year’s resolutions haven’t been published yet.  I’ve read plenty, really great ones too!  Some I could have written for myself. 

This morning I actually had a conversation with myself, which wasn’t very attractive by the way, to get motivated about my “STUFF” for 2010.  Well, ladies and gentlemen…. my new motto for this new decade is…. F*ck titles, categories & guilt! It’s all about action, my action!

Here’s my “STUFF”…. there are no rules around these items, but I realized they are the most important to me and probably will always be:

Clarity…. can only come from truly saying what you feel, meaning what you say and deciding to take action!

Security…. money isn’t everything but it does pay the bills.  Security comes from doing what you love, puting your heart and soul into it and living the life you’ve manifested by your actions!  That’s how the bills get paid.

Love…. is ever-present when your heart is open.  You will give love everyday simply through acts of kindness! You will receive love daily when you realize you deserve it!

Moment…. each one should be cherished, no matter how wonderful, amazing, or sucky it may seem.  When you actively listen, see, taste and/or feel what is happening around you, your heart will  be filled with many gifts!  Receive them all.

My “STUFF” all requires ACTION…  Today, instead of sitting down wondering how this was all going to happen.  I decided to sit down and breathe for a minute.  I took each subject in my brain, an overwhelming task, and simply decided… This cannot be given to me, I must take the steps in order to receive the benefits of what’s important to ME. 

Here’s MY (aka: YogaSkaterMediaMavenDivaFashionista) list of actions….

– Meditate at least 5 days a week (I need spirituality to stay sane) – Clarity & Love

– Practice MY yoga everyday (for the non-yoga reader, “MY yoga” isn’t always on a mat…it’s how I will  live) – Clarity & Moment

– Teach yoga to cancer patients and make it my livelihood – Security & Love

– Learn to ride a skateboard at least 20 miles – Moment & Love

– Speak from my heart ALL THE TIME – Love

– Put my heart into my “current” Media Maven livelihood – (find the passion in junk mail…it’s paying the bills for the stuff I love) – Security

– Taking my inner fashionista to consignment or discount stores instead of dropping loads on “trendy” topics… (exception: Jeans & Shoes) – Security

You may all think I’m crazy!  It’s okay….I already know I am!  Simply stated and realized…. The things I WANT (as posted in my earlier blog) will be valued more while I’m taking ACTION on my STUFF! 

Don’t judge me, these are mine….remember, no rules!!! 

Feel free to share your stuff…. I am a good listener/reader.

60 Miles and I’m standing in the same place…


I’m sitting here overwhelmed!  It’s Tuesday and I’ve got an Asana sequence that my buddy sent me specific to a 60 mile walk that I just completed on Sunday evening for a Breast Cancer Awareness fundraiser and I started to sob…and I’m still sobbing as I write this.  This weekend was entirely overwhelming and today it’s all reality.  The real world is present and I have the standard responsibilities and requirements on my plate… where’s the break?  Who’s going to cook me dinner?  Who’s going to massage my still aching feet and legs?  The meeting I had at 6AM came too early and all I want to do is lay down.  I wish I were “elsewhere”…but I’m here in this same place, in my same house and in my same little world. 

60 Miles!!! Walking, and breathing every moment for what it was…that was my goal.  Each laugh, reflection, sight, tear, conversation, hug, cheer and pain…I wanted to feel it, and I did…all of it.   The experience of a lifetime to date is what I will call it.  Something I embarked on specifically because I am learning that each moment matters.  It’s not about tomorrow, the next day or the task on the schedule two weeks from now…it’s about this very precious moment! 

How does this fit? As I sit here in tears typing I find comfort in reflecting on “Diane”, a woman I walked with over this past weekend.  We first met on Friday and I’m sure it won’t be the last I speak with “Diane”.  I am a human being, a woman with no history of breast cancer in my bloodline.  I chose this journey because I was inspired by one special person (they know who they are)… this inspiration coupled with my new found yoga path has enlightened me to soak up each moment and feel it.  If it’s painful it’s probably because I need to learn something, if it’s happy it’s because joy should always be a part of our lives, and if we find a crossroads it’s necessary to reflect on the direction we are pulled in. 

“Diane” will be my story of this journey… an amazing 3 days through San Francisco! The opening ceremony on Friday, October 2nd was incredible.  A motivational speech pointing to the fact that we were all here for a reason… we are courageous and strong, loving and kind and most of all powerful in our action to join a force to give people a chance of a “lifetime”…a cure!  After many tears of observing several Breast Cancer survivors hold flags of “love”, “victory”, “power”…etc. we were led to the streets to begin a never forgotten journey. 

The emotional high lead to amazing views and memorable conversations.  As I walk I ran across Diane…drawn in by her bubbly personality and cheerful voice I couldn’t stop talking to her.  She immediately befriended me and Gina and as I walked I listened to her story.  She chose life!  She found through a forced MRI that she had breast cancer… her mother had it as well.  “Diane” has and amazing family! After heartfelt conversations they decided it was double or nothing!  She went in for a double mastectomy followed immediately by reconstructive surgery.  She walked last year when she couldn’t even lift her arms, she walked because she was not only in pain emotionally but because she wanted others to know that even as mortal beings we all have a will to experience each moment.

“Diane”…as my feet hurt and blisters formed I remembered her cheer and ran across her at the most appropriate times! My story isn’t significantbut I do this because I can and the reality is…. I’m happy to be “standing in the same place” in this very moment.  Saturday was long…22.5 miles and I cursed and fought off a migraine and throbbing feet and gusting winds with the help of “Diane”…. my story isn’t significant… Sunday I woke up and reflected on the remaining 15.5 miles and was so grateful to get back on my feet, suck it up and go… today I am alive and healthy! 

As I take this path of yoga I was profoundly affected by the current learing of Aprigraha (Yama)- “non grasping”.  A quote from Mary Paffard seems appropriate to reflect on… “We almost never directly experience what pain is, because our reaction to it is so immediate that most of what we call pain is actually our experience of resistance to that phenomenon.”  I find it interesting that I feel no pain today… I didn’t resist the moments where pain should have been present, I kept breathing, smiling, laughing and crying. 

Sunday’s closing ceremonies approached and we walked with police escorts in a large united force toward our family and friends.  Tears rolling down our faces, arm in arm five across in rows I couldn’t even begin to count… we did it and the pain was gone.  My feet did not hurt.  I cried.  I watched. I waved at my family. I observed survivors & “Diane” walk into the center circle, the SURVIVOR circle!  We all removed a shoe from our foot and raised it in honor and representing the steps we took were for them… it was a moment!  As the flag raised in the center of the circle “A World Without Breast Cancer” we cheered!  I remembered “Diane”… on Friday she told me “no sweat, we can do anything”!!!

I am changed because I now choose to live in the moment…I am here in this “same place” because I can do anything…