Back to ME


Where have I been? I guess a small pause in checking out the scenery in a different town had me distracted for a while.  Oh, not to worry… the roots were still there, the leaves had just fallen off for a bit. 

Here I am, back to nature, back to self reflection and breathing in fresh ocean air.  What do I do now?

Today I read a blog from .  “Messages from the Universe” was the title, it was almost as if she got into my head and wrote about the internal thoughts I have been burdened with.  I quit my “real job”, a great one. I took a chance, moved to Oceanside with the love of my life. Now, I have options. Do I accept the offer of the “real job” that feels like old shoes (my analogy) or do I follow my heart and begin teaching yoga again…new, or no shoes. 

What to do…

1. Get back to a regular yoga practice

2. Unpack the box filled with my yoga stuff that has been in my garage for almost 2 years

3. Send off the completion details for that 200hr Teacher Training course… DUH!

4. Let the Universe guide the steps…

What have you been pondering?  Is there a Fear you’ve been allowing to guide you? I’d love your input…

Today, I’m open to the moment and for now… it’s time for a pedicure.





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