True Gifts: Friends!


December 16 – #Reverb10

Prompt: Friendship!

How has a friend changed you or your perspective on the world this year? Was this change gradual, or a sudden burst? (Author: Martha Mihalick)


In my small little world I can’t name just ONE friend that has influenced me  this year.  I feel extremely fortunate to have a small handful of amazing ladies who have all played an individual role in changing me and my perspective. 

A capsule of each… (nicknames are just for fun)

Open Hearted ~ Has changed my experience in sharing from the heart,  rather than guarding or holding back.  She doesn’t tolerate vague.  The learning… who cares, just go for it, talk about it…let go!

Warrior Princess ~ Oh yes, I have a warrior friend.  This year she has fought every battle imaginable.  Her strength and positive approach to every situation has opened my thoughts to “anything IS possible”.  No matter what obstacle is in the way, there can be another route to take. 

Mother of Many ~ She holds the world on her shoulders and never takes a break.  This year she realized her dreams are also important.  For me this gave me motivation to follow my own dreams… even though she would say the same about me. 

Lil’ Diva ~ My biggest cheerleader! This gal has carried a full plate this year.  Many planned occasions over the past year created some emotions, turmoil and happiness for her.  Through it all, she found value in friendship and took the opportunity to listen when I needed her.  The value of taking the time even when you don’t always have it… such a true gift.

The gradual burst… every step of everyday in my own trials, happiness, or experience or theirs we all were present for each other.  

A sudden moment… when I was broken, they suggested “brunch on the patio, we can all wear our sunglasses and nobody will know you’re crying”…

There is so much more I could write for all to see however I don’t hold back from telling each of them how much they mean to me.  There is nothing more true than loving friendships! 

I am eternally grateful! 

What special friend moment touched you this year?


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  1. This was said perfectly!! Every friend in our lives brings something special. It is because of who you are that you have friends around you and support you and love you for you! You have also ecoureged me to no end and I feel grateful for your support to help me to be a “Warrior Princess!” XOXO

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